blingreen avocados are
travelers at heart

From Farm To Table

Let us tell you the story of how our avocados got to your table.

In a globalized world where logistics can make fruits grown on the other side of the planet available for consumers in their local grocery stores, we believe it’s important to tell the story of how blingreen avocados are grown and who are the people behind our precious fruit.

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The Journey

It all starts in the soil.


Our farming fields are cleaned and prepared to receive avocado tree seeds.


Previously selected seeds are planted into the soil.

Step 3

Avocado trees are taken care of by blingreen farmers for three years.

Step 4

After three years, our trees begin producing blingreen avocados.

Step 5

Blingreen avocados are harvested and packaged by our farmers.

Step 6

Blingreen avocados are shipped from the farms to our partners around the US for local distribution.

Step 7

Our distribution partners take them to your local grocery store.


Avocado lovers buy them and take them home to enjoy all the goodness in blingreen avocados.



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